Supplies needed:


note: Makeup can be found in the Halloween and makeup aisles at Walmart

Step 1: Using a makeup sponge apply white makeup to face.

Step 2: Using a makeup sponge or fingers, dab gray color in a few places on the face.

Step 3: Using a soft eye makeup brush, apply charcoal eye shadow around eyes.

Step 4: Apply black lipstick to lips.

Step 5: Rub a small amount of gel on your hands and use hands to spike hair.

Step 6: Spray hair with black hairspray.


Step 1: Find some clothes and accessories that you can thrash. We used an old baseball shirt from last season and we found a beat up baseball bat at a local thrift store.

Step 2: Thrash the clothing. Using scissors make cuts and holes all over the clothing. Rip the clothing in a few places for a more authentic look.

Step 3: Place clothing on an old towel. Pour red food coloring into a squirt bottle. Apply red coloring to shirt near the rips and splatter in a few additional places. You can also add use dirt, charcoal or black eye shadow to the clothing.

Step 4: Beat up the baseball bat (use a hammer, drag it around on the street, rub some dirt on it – give it to your kid and they’ll have a blast ‘zombifying it’)

Get dressed, grab your bat and a trick or treat bucket and your zombie is ready for Halloween!

Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Give me something good to eat

Are you ready for trick-or-treaters?  We headed off to Walmart to stock up on CANDY.  We picked the Hershey’s Trunk or Treat bag with 220 pieces and the Hershey’s Green Monster bag with 210 pieces – I think we’re set with all of our favorites including Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, KitKats and Whoppers.


Hosting a Halloween party? Check out our party quick tip video


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